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What is Golf Fitness?

Flexibility, strength, stability and endurance in our spine, hips, shoulders and golf specific muscles are all essential components of a quality golf fitness program. Any physical limitations or weaknesses in these areas can determine what type of swing faults we may produce. Some common swing faults are:


  • over the top
  • slide / Sway
  • Loss of posture
  • early extension
  • hanging back
  • casting/early release


Therefore, correcting your specific physical limitations is the main focus when designing a golf fitness program.

How Does it Work?

We start with a specialized functional movement screening that will identify any physical limitations that can dramatically affect the efficiency of your golf swing. Once complete we are able to design you a customized fitness program based on the results from the screening.


Who is this for?

Anyone looking to play better golf by gaining more:


  • Distance
  • Club Head Speed
  • Flexibility / Mobility
  • Stability / Balance
  • Core Strength

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