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New Golf Fitness Programs

for The 2013


Is your body ready

for the upcoming golf season?


If you had trouble following an exercise program during the winter then this would be a perfect time to get started for the upcoming golf season. Gain more mobility, flexibility, stability and strength in the golf specific muscles while also getting in better shape. It’s like a two for one! Most importantly, this will keep you committed to your golf specific exercise and if you start to break down during the season we can address it immediately before it turns into a sidelining issue.

To help you get ready and feel your best for the 2013 golf season, here are some of the New Golf Fitness Programs I will be offering:

The Breakfast Club Circuit Class

This 1 hour class will meet on Monday and Thursday mornings at 6am. This is a great way to get you ready for this season! You will rotate through various exercise stations specifically designed to improve your Flexibility, Mobility, Strength and Core / Lumbar Stability. At the start of each class, you will warm-up with a series of flexibility and mobility exercises as a group. Then from there, you will move on to the predetermined circuit routine for that week. You’ll also get a great cardiovascular workout as well! This makes a perfect workout for all levels of fitness because of the circuit type routine and the “Go at Your Own Pace” philosophy.  We will even train outside weather permitting!


“QUICK” 30-Minute Golf Fitness Sessions

This program is perfect for those with limited time during the golf season. These “QUICK” One-on-One 30 Minute workouts are ideal to keep you on track with your progress during the golf season. You don’t want to lose all the benefits you gained during the off-season! 10 sessions for $350 (Hour sessions are also available)

6 Week Semi-Private Golf Fitness Program

This is designed for those who need some more schedule flexibility but would still like to train in a group setting for that extra motivation and competition aspect. This program allows you to train with a partner or you can create your own foursome. This is a 6-week program where you set-up 2 training times per week in advance for the 6 weeks.   Get in awesome shape and start hitting the ball further in just 6 short weeks!

Golf Fitness Assessment

This is a must for those who have swing faults and can’t seem to make progress! Through the utilization of the Titleist Performance Institute golf specific functional screening, we can pin point any physical limitations that are causing the swing fault. After the screening is completed, you will be prescribed a Three Level customized corrective exercise program to address your limitations and swing faults. The program also includes 3 Review Sessions (one at the start of each level), an easy to carry binder with a copy of your exercises and access to the TPI web site to view a video of your exercises.

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