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Attention Golfers Who Suffer from Low Back Pain

Masters Week is just around the corner and you know what that means…..the official start of the golf season!


To kick off the Masters week we are holding a FREE Low Back Pain prevention and Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Screening Workshop at Motivate Fitness on Monday April 3rd at 7pm.


The focus of this workshop is to identify the physical limitations and faulty kinematics of the hips and spine that can put golfers at high risk for back injury and what they can do to do reduce the risk.


Physical therapist Joe Ruhl, PT. and  managing partner of E&A Therapy, will kick off the workshop by addressing the 3 most common types of back pain; 1) Degenerative Disk Disease/DDD/Arthritis, 2) Stenosis and 3) Herniated discs, as well as the non-surgical treatments for each of them.


The second part of the workshop will be an active part with Bill Tokmajian Certified TPI Golf Fitness Instructor.  During this part you will go through a portion of the TPI screening to help you identify your own physical limitations and learn some simple exercise you can do to address those limitations.


Evidence has positively shown that repetitive faulty movement patterns such as excessive flexion and lateral (Side) bending of the spine can put you at high risk for disc herniation’s.


So join us and we will show you how limited range of motion in the hips and spine can cause this faulty motion and how to fix it.  Space is limited so
please call us at 215-643-8877 or email us to reserve your spot.

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